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    Sienna Naturals restores textured hair to its healthiest state so that you can wash, style, braid, blow dry and flaunt your favorite styles without compromising on ingredients that are bad for your hair, scalp or environment.
    Hi, I’m Hannah. I grew up in Minnesota with parents that valued a natural lifestyle, so, I tried all types of hair products with organic ingredients, but they just didn’t work for my hair texture. I turned to relaxers to manage my hair, while at the same time taking part in swim team, which meant chemicals, chlorine damage and brutal winter temperatures. My hair took a beating; it was brittle, itchy and my curl pattern suffered greatly, yet there wasn’t a solution to restore its health.  As an adult, I realized I could make a difference. I channeled my childhood grounded in natural living and business background and began crafting Sienna Naturals to restore textured hair health and vitality, using only sustainable, safe ingredients. 


    Our Products 

    Every ingredient in every product we make is mindfully selected for it’s proven ability to replenish textured hair and scalp health without harmful side effects to your hair, body or the environment. 


    Our plant-based ingredients rebuild the hair, soothe the scalp and give you style without animal byproducts. Baobab and Pea Proteins rebuild damaged textured hair; Blue Tansy Oil and Copaiba Resin naturally soothe and reduce inflammation in the scalp; Slippery Elm and Aloe Vera moisturize without causing build up. 


    We work with our suppliers internationally to ensure that sustainable farming and fair living wage practices are being followed.



    We love animals, so we don’t test on them.